Salary Negotiations – Putting yourself first

You have done a fantastic interview, you have returned and given a fantastic presentation and finally you have received a phone call offering you the job you always dreamed of.

However the salary being offered is less than you expected.

What do you do?

You don’t want to jeopardise your dream job but at the same time you don’t want to undersell yourself for less than you are worth. Below are some good tips on how to put yourself first in salary negotiations in order to obtain the salary you deserve.

1. Know the market rate.

This is where market research comes in. Some companies publish salary surveys, which are very useful tools in indicating the range of salaries available in the market for the job on offer. Be up front with your employer and tell them that the salary on offer is lower than you expected and lower than the average market rate

2. Look at other benefits apart from salary.

An employer may have severe budgetary constraints but have a handsome budget to finance your further education. Be flexible and explore the full package in regards what is on offer.

3. Show enthusiasm and emphasise your USP’s.

Show that you are extremely enthusiastic about the position on offer whilst emphasising how you can add value to the organisation and leave it to your employer to come back to you with an alternative package. This Give to get approach works much better than coming across as demanding or aggressive.

4. Set realistic salary goals.

Rarely does seeking a 20% increase to what currently on offer work. Average annual increases usually range between 2 and 3%. So perhaps the best course of action is to suggest a 5% increase to what is on offer and then compromise and settle on 2.5%, with a six month review with the opportunity to earn more(unless of course the salary on offer is way below the average market rate!).

First time salary negotiations are a delicate process but should not be avoided as to agree to accept a package initially, then start and shortly afterwards try to commence to renegotiate a new salary will shed you in a poor light.

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